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have a special Perhimpunan UMNO now


perhimpunan UMNO 2013To wait for the Perhimpunan UMNO year end to discuss the dismal BN performance in the recent elections may be too late.

I think the UMNO Presiden must call for a special Perhimpunan this month to have a meaningful feedback from the members.

To wait for the so-called completion of ‘post-mortems’ on anything can be ages, that has been the Malaysian way.

On top of having a proper forum to discuss the election performance, the Perhimpunan can also serve as a reminder to the sore losers that the MAJORITY has actually voiced their opinion and WON the elections.

And the Perhimpunan will also pour cold water on those within UMNO who are sharpening their knives for a possible year end coup.

p.s. for those who is saying there’s already one UMNO Perhimpunan organized for tomorrow, I believe that in this gathering only the Presiden will be speaking whereas in a Perhimpunan, delegates have a chance to say their piece.